John Michael Ferrari -
How Did You Get Here From There?

His Music
Since the young John Michael Ferrari bought his first guitar in 1962, along with a "How To Play Guitar" book, both from Sears, Roebuck & Co, music has been John's life! Writing it, singing it, playing it, and sharing it with audiences bi-coastally. This passion for music has been the foundation of John's career as an entertainer. Who would have thought a shining entertainment career would have begun with "Tom Dooley"?

It was also in 1962, that John wrote his first musical masterpiece, "Wah-Do, Wah-Do". Although it was his cat's favorite song at the time, "Wah-Do, Wah-Do" is not earmarked for Ferrari's first album.

Yes, Pepper Jay is producing an album of John's original songs for "Cappy Records". The upcoming album features a song ("Dustoff") that was penned by Ferrari over two decades ago, while serving in Viet Nam.
John's first introduction to Viet Nam was being air dropped with his unit into the middle of a fire fight. There he was, a teenager up to his waist in swamp and snakes (John hates snakes), shooting at and dodging bullets from an unseen enemy. It was almost 2 weeks before he arrived at his first base camp and wrote "Dustoff", which honors a friend that didn't make it and the "Dustoff". The "Dustoff" is the military helicopter which rescues the wounded (and picks up the dead). Fortunately, John was not in either category.

The anticipated title of John Ferrari's album is, "When Love Said Goodbye", also the title of one of John's ballads. Post-production is proceeding on the music video of the up tempo number, "Run". The album reflects songs which create a roadmap to John's life with different styles of music; upbeat country ("Let's Run Away To Alaska"), ballad country cross-overs ("Brand New River"), with a touch of latin ("Run"), some bubblegum ("That's What You Do") and some of John Michael's "vegas" days thrown in ("I Believe"). John loves almost all music but has no respect for musical categories, perhaps due to his unorthodox upbringing.

His Early Background

A victim of many years of abuse from his step-father led John as a youth to gang life. At 15, John was placed in the Nevada State Childrens' Home. As John matured, he attempted to free himself of that negative baggage, and he poured his pain, heart, and soul into his music.

It was during his teens that John began to serve his musical apprenticeship in casinos, bars, hole-in-the-walls, and learned his craft in every dump throughout the west.

Not quite old enough to be drafted, John voluntered for the "draft". He figured he'd better do something or he'd end up in jail (again). When John returned from 13 months in the army, serving in the jungles of Viet Nam, his audience became his family. John now has a loyal bi-coastal following and the list of "Ferrari Fans" grows with each year.

John's life changed dramatically in 1990, when he met Pepper Jay. They met at Highland Springs Resort, near Palm Springs, California, where John was performing for the summer. Within a year, John went from a popular singer playing the guitar to one of the best cabaret performers around.

And Now?

Apart from John's schedule as an actor as well as a performance singing coach, John now entertains for private parties, weddings, charities, and conventions and grand openings, large and small. The past seven years have found John "wow-ing" music lovers in clubs of all kinds: nightclubs, dance clubs, jazz clubs, and John's favorite, supper clubs. A real class act, John and his band, "Ferrari & Friends" perform nostalgic tunes from the 30's to the 90's, soft rock, ballads, and show tunes.

Although John and Pepper live in Hollywood, California, John usually "tours" the southeast portion of the country each year, visiting, and playing golf with Ferrari Fans from Florida to South Carolina.

John Michael enjoys entertaining his audience, whether a private party for 2 or a ballroom of 2,000. He even performed for a few Jewish Wedding receptions but has yet to learn all of the words to Havah Nagila.

Although Ferrari has never really performed with anyone famous, he once stood next to Gene Autry in the hallyway of the Gene Autry resort when John performed there. Also in Palm Springs, Gabby Hayes took the time to speak to Ferrari on one occasion, "Get out of my way, kid." (just kidding)

John Michael Ferrari is gifted with a charming, likeable manner, and a beautiful voice for the classic music he perfers to sing. To experience John's show is a trip down memory lane, a return to romance, a chance to dress to the nines, and to spin that someone special around the dance floor. He entertains audiences of all ages with unpredictable delight!

You'll hear no rap, heavy metal, or hard rock from Ferrari & Friends. Instead, you will enjoy a wide variety of songs, written as music should be, and performed with heart melting sincerity. Is "La Bamba" really an Irish love song? Sure it is, just ask him!

John the Actor (SAG, AFTRA)

The past two years have found John on numerous TV and movie sets. In 1996, John took acting classes from Christine Ferre and signed up for "extra" work in order to familarize himself with the craft of acting, the studios and the set. John worked as an "extra" for about a year and he can be seen, or almost seen, in the background of numerous movies, such as "Jingle All The Way" and "Dante's Peak" and in lots of TV sitcoms, such as "Melrose Place", "Murphy Brown", and "Third Rock From The Sun".
(For a more complete acting resume, see link, below).

In 1997, John went from being an "extra" to being "featured", such as in the movies "Conspiracy Theory" and "Seventh Angel".

Then, John's first big acting break arrived. He was asked to be a SAG ("Screen Actors Guild") extra on the TV series, "Babylon 5". The assistant director liked John's work and asked him to return for 2 additional episodes. That qualified John for his SAG card in Aug. '97. John was thereafter featured in "Bella Mafia", which aired in Dec. '97 on HBO.

In Jan '98, John began to study acting with Dean Woods. And, before the end of the month, John had his first real part, called a "day" part,. It was on an episode of the TV series "Working", staring Fred Savage. On this momentous occasion, John and six other actors sang with Fred Savage in an elevator.

Since, John has appeared in several movies, including "Gwevevere" and "Being John Malkovich" and TV episodes, such as "The X Files".

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